About Umami bites

Welcome to Umami bites, your ultimate guide to exploring the unique flavors, culture, and lifestyle of Japan, crafted especially for international visitors. We are dedicated to providing practical information and insights from an international perspective, covering not only a wide range of dining experiences but also shopping, accommodations, and attractions across the country. Our goal is to help travelers make the most of their visit, savoring Japan’s rich culture and creating unforgettable memories.

The essence of our name

Our name, Umami bites, combines the delectable “umami” flavor, the savory richness that defines Japanese cuisine, with “bites” signifying both scrumptious food morsels and easy-to-digest information. Together, Umami bites delivers engaging insights into Japan’s vibrant scene in a concise and accessible format.

Who we serve

Umami bites caters to both Japan novices and those with some experience exploring the country, aiming to guide them towards popular eateries, attractions, and exceptional experiences during their stay in this fascinating country.

Join us on this captivating journey through Japan’s rich landscape, and let Umami bites be your trusted companion in discovering your own personal slice of Japan to enjoy.

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