Matsuya Seinikuten

Hamburger Steak Shop in Tokyo, Akihabara’s 100% Beef Patties Show Why It’s a Japanese Delicacy

Hambāgu, or hamburger steaks, are incredibly popular in Japan. These succulent hamburger patties have undergone a somewhat unique evolution of their own in Japan, making them stand out compared to their overseas counterparts. “Steak and Japanese beef Matsuya Seinikuten” (hereunder referred to as “Matsuya Seinikuten”) is a hamburger steak restaurant that offers the perfect place to enjoy the distinctive Japanese…

Wagyu: Japan’s More-Than-Worth-It Premium Beef

和牛 Wagyū is rich and tender high-quality beef emblematic of Japanese beef cattle breeds. It has become beloved globally by meat lovers and is often regarded with the status of the very top cut of beef in the world. While it’s quite popular in many different countries, there’s nothing like trying the real deal and otherwise unavailable brands in Japan….