Top 15 Japanese Phrases for Shopping

Photo for illustrative purposes

When shopping in Japan, knowing a few key phrases to help you when buying items and requesting options can make your experience much smoother.

Feel free to use this article while shopping and point out the phrases you want to say.

General Questions

These are essential questions to ask about products and prices:

  • How much is this?: これはいくらですか? (kore wa ikura desu ka?)
  • How much is it in total?: 全部でいくらですか? (zenbu de ikura desu ka?)
  • May I try it on?: 試着してもいいですか? (shichaku shite mo ii desu ka?)
  • May I pick this up?: 手に取ってもいいですか? (te ni totte mo ī desu ka?)
  • I’m looking for this (points to smartphone screen): これを探しています (kore o sagashite imasu)

Use shichaku shite mo ii desu ka? to ask if you can try on an item of clothing (image for illustrative purposes)

Making a Purchase

Use these phrases when you are ready to make a purchase:

  • I’ll take this, please: これをください (kore o kudasai)
  • Do you offer tax-free shopping?: 免税手続きはできますか? (menzei tetsuzuki wa dekimasu ka?)
  • Can I pay by [payment method]?: ~で支払えますか? (… de shiharaemasu ka?)

Examples of payment methods: cash 現金 (genkin), credit card クレジットカード(kurejitto kādo), electronic money 電子マネー (denshi manē), QR code payment QRコード決済 (QR kōdo kessai).

A growing number of Japanese stores accept electronic money payment (image for illustrative purposes)

Requesting Different Options

These phrases help you request different sizes and colors:

  • Do you have another size?: ほかのサイズはありますか? (hoka no saizu wa arimasu ka?)
  • Do you have a larger size?: もっと大きいのはありますか? (motto ōkī no wa arimasu ka?)
  • Do you have a smaller size?: もっと小さいのはありますか? (motto chīsai no wa arimasu ka?)
  • Do you have other colors?: ほかの色はありますか? (hoka no iro wa arimasu ka?)

Gifts such as fans may come in different colors, so it’s convenient to know how to ask (image for illustrative purposes)

Things to watch out for

  • Please wrap this: ラッピングをお願いします (rappingu o onegai shimasu). Please note that some stores charge for this service.
  • Please give me a shopping bag: レジ袋をください (rejibukuro o kudasai). Plastic bags are not free at many stores.
  • It’s fine just as it is: そのままでいいです (sono mama de ii desu). If you don’t need your purchase wrapped or you don’t need a shopping bag, this phrase comes in handy.

Paying for purchases, including the plastic shopping bag (image for illustrative purposes)

By using these simple phrases, you’ll be better prepared to buy what you want in Japan. Enjoy your shopping!