8 of the Best Souvenirs and Sweets to Buy in Kamakura, From Pure Deliciousness to Photo-Worthy Treats!

The Kamakura area, with its old Japanese townscape and scattered temples and shrines, is bustling with tourists on both weekdays and holidays.

Around Kamakura Station, there are many restaurants offering takeout services and specialty sweet shops perfect for souvenirs!

Here are some must-visit stores when touring Kamakura!

Hato Sable: Kamakura’s popular classic souvenir

One of Kamakura’s most iconic sweets is the “Hato Sable” from “Toshimaya Honten” (referred to hereafter as “Toshimaya”).

Their cute carry box containing four pieces of dove-shaped sablé cookies costs 615 JPY (tax included). It’s easy to carry with you, so they are perfect for souvenirs!

Hato Sable at Toshimaya

“鳩サブレー 4枚手提げ,” Hato Sable (four piece carry box) 615 JPY (tax included)

At Toshimaya, “Meisho Manju,” inspired by Kamakura landmarks, are also highly recommended.

These bite-sized manju cakes come in a set of 12 and are priced at 810 JPY (tax included).

Meisei Manju at Toshimaya

“名所まんじゅう,” Landmark Manju 810 JPY (tax included)

These manju sweet buns have fluffy castella (a type of Japanese sponge cake) dough filled with plenty of sweet red bean paste.

They’re exclusively sold at Toshimaya’s main store near Tsurugaoka Hachimangu Shrine.

Meisho Manju at Toshimaya

Toshimaya also offers a wide variety of delicately crafted Japanese sweets.

These traditional Japanese sweets are deeply related to Japan’s four seasons, and have an artistic visual appeal.

In addition to Hato Sable and Meisho Manju, there are many other sweets that you’ll want to pick up!

Store name 豊島屋 本店
Toshimaya Honten
Address 2-11-19 Komachi, Kamakura City, Kanagawa Prefecture
Phone nuimber 0467-25-0810
Hours 9:00-19:00
Closed Wednesday and unscheduled holidays

Kurumicco: so popular it often sells out by morning

“Kurumicco,” a staple treat at “Kamakura Beniya Hachimangūmae Honten” (referred to hereafter as “Kamakura Beniya”), is so popular it’s often sold out by morning’s end.

The dough uses plenty of butter, sandwiching walnut-studded caramel, allowing you to enjoy different textures in one bite.

Kurumicco at Kamakura Beniya

“クルミッ子16個入,” Kurumicco 16 pieces 2,592 JPY (tax included)

“Kamakura Dayori” and “Ajisai” are also signature products of Kamakura Beniya alongside Kurumicco.

Kamakura Dayori is a sablé with a light, crisp texture that reveals more flavor as you chew.

Kamakura Dayori at Kamakura Beniya

“鎌倉だより6枚入,” Kamakura Dayori 6 pieces 594 JPY (tax included

Ajisai has a crunchy texture. It’s made by soaking sliced pound cake in condensed milk, sprinkling it with sliced almonds, and slowly drying it into a rusk-like confection.

The dough, made with butter, sugar, and eggs, has an impressive high-quality flavor.

Ajisai at Kamakura Beniya

“あじさい3枚入,” Ajisai 3 pieces 497 JPY (tax included)

Store name/th> 鎌倉紅谷 八幡宮前本店
Kamakura Beniya Hachimangūmae Honten
Address 1-12-4 Yukinoshita, Kamakura City, Kanagawa Prefecture
Phone number 0467-22-3492
Hours 9:30-17:00
Closed No holidays

Kamakurayama Rusk: a delicious social media hit

The colorful and eye-catching rusks sold at “Kamakurayamarusk Kamakura Honten” (referred to hereafter as “Kamakurayama Rusk”)” are particularly popular among young women.

There are set packages, but you can also purchase them individually. So, you can pick out and buy your favorite rusk!

Rusks at Kamakurayama Rusk

The heart and star-shaped rusks are especially popular.

“Fruit Salad,” which combines green apple and cherry, and “Heart Berry,” a sweet and sour strawberry flavor, are some of the store’s best sellers.

With over 15 types, you’ll definitely be able to find a rusk to your liking.

Rusks at Kamakurayama Rusk

Kamakurayama Rusk also sells a “Drinkable Cheesecake” exclusively for take-out.

You can choose your favorite type of rusk from the store’s popular lineup as a topping.

Drinkable Cheesecake at Kamakurayama Rusk

“飲むチーズケーキ,” Drinkable Cheesecake 750 JPY (tax included)

Store name 鎌倉山ラスク 鎌倉本店
Kamakurayamarusk Kamakura Honten
Address 1-6-7 Komachi, Kamakura City, Kanagawa Prefecture
Phone number 0120-122-366
Hours 10:00-18:00
Closed No holidays

Matcha Pudding packed with rich matcha flavor

At “Kamakurachacha Komachidōriten,” just a minute’s walk from Kamakura Station, you can enjoy “Matchacha Pudding” in five different intensity levels.

The higher the concentration, the richer the matcha flavor. The most popular level is “MAX.” This pudding allows you to savor a strong matcha flavor without its characteristic bitterness.

Matchacha Pudding at Kamakurachacha

“抹茶っ茶プリン Level MAX” Matchacha Pudding Level MAX 690 JPY (tax included)

Their hōjicha (roasted green tea) pudding is also popular, with an excellent aroma from slow-brewed tea leaves.

Hojicha Pudding at Kamakurachacha

“ほうじ茶,” (left) Hojicha Pudding 590 JPY (tax included)

Store name 鎌倉茶々 小町通り店
Kamakurachacha Komachidōriten
Address 1-6-14 Komachi, Kamakura City, Kanagawa Prefecture
Phone number 0467-73-8821
Hours 10:00-18:00
Closing time varies between 18:00-20:00 depending on season and weather
Closed Unscheduled holidays

Colorful, photo-worthy dango from Sakura no Yumemiya

“Sakuranoyumemiya Komachidōriten” (referred to herein as “Sakura no Yumemiya”) offers a variety dango (rice dumplings), a uniquely Japanese confectionery.

The dumplings offered have a wide range of flavors and are all very colorful.

You can choose from over ten types, including “Sakura bean jam”, inspired by cherry blossoms, and lemony “Honey lemon bean jam.”

Dango at Sakura no Yumemiya

(From left) 4 color rice dumpling 290 JPY (tax included), Sakura bean jam 220 JPY (tax included), Hydrangea rice dumpling 270 JPY (tax included), Honey lemon bean jam 220 JPY (tax included)

The 4 color bean rice dumpling allows you to enjoy four types of flavors, including Sakura bean jam and a matcha flavor, all in one skewer, making it perfect for foodies.

Not only do they look wonderful in photos, they’re very delicious, making them very satisfying dango!

Dango at Sakura no Yumemiya
Store name さくらの夢見屋 小町通り店
Sakuranoyumemiya Komachidōriten
Address 2-7-34 Komachi, Kamakura City, Kanagawa Prefecture
Phone number 0467-25-3815
Hours Mon-Fri. 10:00-17:30
Sat-Sun. & nat’l holidays 9:00-18:00
Closed No holidays

Premium matcha soft-serve ice cream

At “Hatoya Kamakura,” you can enjoy a selection of sweets using the renowned Uji matcha!

Their smoothly textured “Roasted matcha soft-serve ice cream” has a rich matcha flavor with a subtle bitterness.

The toppings are varied, including shiratama (large, soft white rice dumplings), as well as the “Hatoya financier” cookie and “Hatoya cookie sandwich,” both of which are matcha-flavored.

Roasted matcha soft-serve ice cream at Hatoya Kamakura

焙煎抹茶ソフト(白玉トッピング),” Roasted matcha soft-serve ice cream with shiratama topping 950 JPY (tax included)

The “Matcha Latte,” made with matcha freshly whisked right in front of the customer after ordering, is also a classic menu item at Hatoya Kamakura.

The balance between the sweetness of the milk and the umami of the matcha is exquisite. Above all, the pleasant aroma of matcha is delightful.

Matcha Latte at Hatoya Kamakura
Matcha Latte at Hatoya Kamakura

“抹茶ラテ 鎌倉壱 焙煎(焙煎抹茶ソフトトッピング),” Matcha Latte with Roasted matcha soft-serve ice cream topping 1,300 JPY

Store name 八十八鎌倉
Access 11-37 Onarimachi, Kamakura City, Kanagawa Prefecture
Phone number 0467-53-7335
Hours Mon-Fri. 11:00-18:00
Sat-Sun. & nat’l holidays 10:00-18:00
Closed No holidays

Kamakura Ogawaken’s rum raisin sweets are fun for the whole family

The “Raisin Wich” at “Kamakuraogawaken Kamakura Honten” (referred to hereafter as “Kamakura Ogawaken”) has been introduced by various media as a classic Kamakura souvenir.

In addition to the Raisin Wich, sandwiching rum raisins and butter cream with a light, crispy butter sablé, there is also the “Raisin Wich Coffee” using coffee cream.

Raising Wich at Kamakura Ogawaken

“レーズンウィッチアソート 5個入,” Raisin Wich Assortment 5 pieces 870 JPY (tax included)

The Kamakura main branch of Kamakura Ogawaken has not only a takeout area but also a café.

The café offers limited menu items that can only be eaten at the Kamakura main store.

One of these items is the “Rum Raisin Soft-Serve Ice Cream,” a cone topped with soft-serve ice cream infused with rum, plumply stewed rum raisins, and Raisin Wichs.

Rum Raisin Soft-serve Ice Cream at Kamakura Ogawaken

“ラムレーズンソフト,” Rum Raisin Soft-Serve Ice Cream 550 JPY (tax included)

Store name 鎌倉小川軒 鎌倉本店
Kamakuraogawaken Kamakura Honten
Address 神奈川県鎌倉市御成町8-1
Phone number 0467-25-0660
Hours 10:00-18:00
Cafe space hours are 11:00-17:00(last order 16:30)
Closed No holidays

Kamakura Kamon sweets taste just as good when chilled

“Kamakura Kamon,” with a pattern imprinted on it, is a hand-sized treat with delicious pancake-like dough.

You can buy them at “Kamakura Shunsui”” in CIAL Kamakura.

Kamakura Kamon at Kamakura Shunsui

“鎌倉花紋,” Kamakura Kamon  240 JPY apiece (tax included)

The dough is filled generously with several fillings of your choosing, such as sweet red bean paste and custard cream. Freshly baked or even when cooled, it stays fluffy, making this sweet perfect as a souvenir or a personal treat.

Kamakura Kamon at Kamakura Shunsui

In addition to Kamakura Kamon, Kamakura Shunsui also offers other exclusive souvenirs and treats, making it a must-visit spot during sightseeing!

Store name 鎌倉旬粋
Kamakura Shunsui
Address CIAL Kamakura 1F, 1-1-1 Komachi, Kamakura-shi, Kanagawa-ken
Phone number 0467-33-5077
Hours 9:00-20:00
Closed No holidays
excluding CIAL Kamakura holidays

※The information in the article is current as of July 2024.