Discover Japan’s Sweet Side at Yanagiya Chaya Asakusa, Tokyo: A Matcha Haven of Japanese Delights!

『やなぎ茶屋 浅草 新仲見世通り』の写真

Asakusa is a hugely popular area in Tokyo bustling with many tourists.

Located just a short distance from the area’s landmark Kaminarimon (“Thunder Gate”) is “Yanagi Chaya Asakusa Shin Nakamise-dōri” (hereinafter referred to as “Yanagi Chaya Asakusa”), a shop that is highly recommended for tourists exploring the area.

Here, you can enjoy a wide variety of sweets and drinks made with matcha. Since take-out is also available, they make perfect companions for sightseeing in the area.

Photo of Yanagi Chaya Asakusa Shin Nakamise-dōri

A Yanagi Chaya Asakusa exclusive! Tiramisu made with roasted green tea

Yanagi Chaya Asakusa is the sister store of “Yanagi Chaya ecute Ueno,” located nearby in Tokyo’s Ueno district.

In addition to the matcha sweets available at the Ueno store, there are also exclusive menu items to try out at Yanagi Chaya Asakusa.

One of those items is the “Hojicha Tiramisu,” a dessert that uses hōjicha, or roasted green tea leaves.

Photo of Yanagi Chaya Asakusa Shin Nakamise-dōri

“ほうじ茶ティラミス,” Hojicha Tiramisu 814 JPY (tax included)

While you can enjoy tiramisu at the Ueno store, the flavor is only available in matcha. The Hojicha Tiramisu, on the other hand, can only be savored in Asakusa.

The Hojicha Tiramisu, sprinkled with a layer of hojicha powder, offers a taste distinct from the slightly bitter matcha, emphasizing a sweeter flavor.

The fragrant aroma of hojicha enhances the dessert experience when combined with the tartness of the mascarpone cream resting below it.

Photo of Yanagi Chaya Asakusa Shin Nakamise-dōri

The homemade “Uji Matcha Shiratama” filled with large shiratama is also a huge hit at the store

The “Uji Matcha Shiratama,” available at both the Ueno and Asakusa stores, features impressively large white shiratama dumplings (chewy rice flour balls).

Indulging in a mouthful reveals their richly plump and chewy texture that’s a delight to eat.

Photo of Yanagi Chaya Asakusa Shin Nakamise-dōri

“宇治抹茶白玉,” Uji Matcha Shiratama 1,240 JPY (tax included)

If they’re a bit too large to handle in one bite, splitting them into two on a small dish may be a good idea.

Pressing chopsticks against the white dumplings will demonstrate their strong resilience and chewiness!

Photo of Yanagi Chaya Asakusa Shin Nakamise-dōri

The Uji Matcha Shiratama undergoes a fascinating change in the concentration of matcha broth over time due to the presence of ice in the bowl.

As the ice melts, the initially thick broth gradually becomes smoother. Therefore, it’s recommended to start by enjoying the shiratama covered in the matcha broth while it still has a heavy consistency.

After finishing the shiratama, you can even melt the sweet bean paste to add sweetness and enjoy the dish as a drink.

Photo of Yanagi Chaya Asakusa Shin Nakamise-dōri

Also available for take-out, the “Brown Sugar Tapioca Matcha Latte” is perfect for exploring Asakusa

Yanagi Chaya Asakusa has a dedicated window space for take-out orders.

Available for order are various soft serve ice creams and drinks, making it a perfect choice for a quick snack during sightseeing when hunger pangs strike.

Photo of Yanagi Chaya Asakusa Shin Nakamise-dōri

The take-out order space is located to the right of the entrance

The “Brown Sugar Tapioca Matcha Latte” is a drink also exclusive to the Asakusa store.

It’s filled with plenty of tapioca pearls cooked in Japanese brown sugar. They’re at the bottom of the cup, so it’s recommended to mix well with a straw before drinking.

Doing so adds a deep sweetness to an already refreshing matcha latte!

Photo of Yanagi Chaya Asakusa Shin Nakamise-dōri

“黒糖タピオカ抹茶ラテ,” Brown Sugar Tapioca Matcha Latte 850 JPY (tax included)

Even during our visit to the store, the take-out order space was bustling with customers.

Easily enjoyed while sightseeing in Asakusa, the latte is quite popular as well as the soft serve ice cream.

Photo of Yanagi Chaya Asakusa Shin Nakamise-dōri

Yanagi Chaya Asakusa is a thriving spot that draws in international visitors to Japan

Due to its location in the heart of Asakusa, the restaurant attracts many foreign visitors traveling to Japan, and the menu is available not only in Japanese but also in English and Chinese.

The interior of the shop features a calming atmosphere with a wood-themed design, making it a recommended place for a leisurely break during sightseeing.

Photo of Yanagi Chaya Asakusa Shin Nakamise-dōri

Yanagi Chaya Asakusa’s interior

If you’ve come to Japan, it’s not just about sightseeing; you’ll also want to savor the unique cuisine of the country.

At Yanagi Chaya Asakusa, which offers a rich selection of Japanese sweets using matcha and hojicha, you can fully savor the taste of Japan to your heart’s content.

Photo of Yanagi Chaya Asakusa Shin Nakamise-dōri

Yanagi Chaya Asakusa’s exterior


Store name やなぎ茶屋 浅草 新仲見世通り
Yanagi Chaya Asakusa Shin Nakamise-dōri
Address Hashimoto Building 1F, 1-30-6 Asakusa, Taito-ku, Tokyo
Access Asakusa Station 3-minute walk from Exit 3
  • Toei Asakusa Line(A18)
  • Tokyo Metro Ginza Line(G19)
  • Tobu Skytree Line(TS01)

Asakusa Station 5-minute walk from Exit A1
  • Tsukuba Express(TX03)
Phone number 03-5830-8317
Reservations Not accepted
  • Cash
  • Credit cards(American Express・JCB・VISA・Master)
  • Transportation-related electronic money(Suica, etc.)
  • Electronic money(iD・nanaco・QUICPay・Rakuten Edy・WAON)
  • QR code payment not accepted
Service charge/Table charge None
Hours Mon-Fri. 11:00-18:00(last order 17:00)
Sat-Sun. & nat’l holidays 10:00-18:00(last order 17:00)
closes at 20:00 during the summer season from June to August
Closed No fixed holidays
Unscheduled holidays
Seating 44 table seats
Smoking All seats are non-smoking
Official website
Other information
  • Menus with English and Chinese language are available
  • No allergy-friendly, vegan, vegetarian, or halal menus
  • Wheelchair-accessible(there are steps and stairs in the restaurant)
  • Take-out service is available; delivery service is not available
  • Luggage storage space is available
  • Wi-Fi is not available
  • Posting of food photos and videos on SNS is not allowed
  • Separate billing is allowed

※Menu contents, prices, store information, etc. are current as of December 2023.