Beans Garage Coffee: Shibuya’s Secret Spot for Supreme Coffee and Egg Sandwich Delights

Nestled in a serene neighborhood just a leisurely stroll from Shibuya Station in Tokyo, you’ll discover the inviting “Beans Garage Coffee.” Renowned for their divine egg sandwiches and aromatic coffee, it’s the go-to retreat for a soul-soothing treat.

Photo of Beans Garage Coffee

A creamy delight overflowing with gooey scrambled eggs

A favorite among many, Beans Garage Coffee’s signature treat is their “Shibuya Egg Sand” (sand being a charming shorthand for sandwich commonly used in Japan). This sandwich boasts a generous helping of soft, creamy scrambled eggs, made unique by their special preparation technique.

Photo of Shibuya Egg Sand

“なめらか渋谷エッグサンド,” Shibuya Egg Sand 1,200 JPY (tax included)

Not only are the scrambled eggs a highlight, but the café also takes pride in its bread. Slowly fermenting their dough at low temperatures accentuates the natural aroma of the wheat, creating a distinctively sweet flavor profile that complements the eggs perfectly.

Photo of the Shibuya Egg Sand

Umami bites writer Bensky, who has had countless sandwiches since childhood, shared his impressions of Beans Garage Coffee’s egg sandwich.


First, I loved their bread with a crispy crust. But those creamy scrambled eggs are the star of the show! It just made everything perfect. You get that crunch and then the creaminess; it’s an amazing combo!

The lodge-like interior is a soothing space for dining in. And if you don’t mind a bit of a walk, Yoyogi Park is within reach—ideal for a picnic with a take-out!

Photo of Beans Garage Coffee interior

A must-try with your meal: Beans Garage Coffee’s signature coffee

The café’s recommendation alongside the egg sandwich is the “Bgc Blend Coffee,” a premium blend with Kona coffee from Hawaii, known for its limited production. This signature brew is a cornerstone of Beans Garage Coffee, and highly recommended.

Photo of Bgc Blend Coffee

“Bgc Blend Coffee,” 1,000 JPY (tax included)

Bgc Blend Coffee offers a nutty flavor profile akin to macadamia nuts without an overpowering bitterness, even when enjoyed black, allowing for a sweet and smooth savor.

Photo of Bgc Blend Coffee being brewed

With each sip, a rich aroma fills the mouth, easing you into a tranquil state. Bensky praised it, calling it “an unforgettable cup of coffee with a refreshing aftertaste.”

Photo of Bensky drinking Bgc Blend Coffee

The café also offers other drip coffees like the perfectly balanced Brazil Santos and the refreshingly acidic Yirgacheffe from Ethiopia. For those who find their favorite, buying coffee beans to take home is a splendid idea!

Photo of coffee beans

For meat lovers: Discover the allure of Beans Garage Coffee’s sensational pork sandwich

The “Wild Pork Sand” is perfect for those craving a meaty bite. Pork sautéed and simmered for six hours in a low-temperature cooker with a secret sauce results in an incredibly tender filling.

Photo of the Wild Pork Sand sandwich

“ワイルドポークサンド,” Wild Pork Sand 1,480 JPY (tax included)

Accented with pickled apples, this hearty sandwich melds sweet and savory, pairing the tender pork with a crunchy contrast. A big bite offers a medley of flavors and textures.

Photo of the Wild Pork Sand sandwich

Savor the “Coffee Black Curry” on an elegant terrace

Beans Garage Coffee offers eight terrace seats where you can dine amidst a pleasant breeze. Bensky chose to enjoy the “Coffee Black Curry” at one of these lovely outdoor spots.

Photo of terrace seats

This Keema curry truly lives up to its name with a distinctive black roux that catches the eye. Its unique hue comes from a blend of food-grade charcoal and coffee beans.

Photo of Coffee Black Curry

“珈琲屋さんの黒キーマカレー,” Coffee Black Curry 1,200 JPY (tax included)

Despite the coffee beans, the curry isn’t bitter! The roux strikes a perfect balance of sweetness and spiciness, making it a delightful treat for diners of all ages. It’s heavenly when enjoyed together with the buttery rice!

Photo of Coffee Black Curry

I also recommend mixing the tangy and creamy dressing from the salad into the curry. This is one I’d love to share with my friends back in the US.

When you find yourself in Shibuya, make sure to carve out time for a tranquil interlude at Beans Garage Coffee. It promises to be a memorable highlight of your visit.


Store name Beans Garage Coffee
Address 17-9 Uguisudanichō, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
Access Shibuya Station(SBY)10-minute walk from Shibuya Station Exit C2
  • JR Yamanote Line(JY20)
  • JR Saikyō Line(JA10)
  • JR Shōnan Shinjuku Line(JS19)
  • Tōkyū Tōyoko Line(TY01)
  • Tōkyū Den-en-toshi Line(DT01)
  • Keiō Inokashira Line(IN01)
  • Tokyo Metro Ginza Line(G01)
  • Tokyo Metro Hanzōmon Line(Z01)
  • Tokyo Metro Fukutoshin Line(F16)
Phone number 03-6452-5944
Reservations Accepted
Phone, Tabelog
By phone: 9:00-23:00
  • Cash
  • Credit cards(American Express・Diners・JCB・Master・VISA)
  • Transportation-related electronic money(Suica, etc.)
  • Electronic money(iD)
  • QR code payment(PayPay)
Service charge/Table charge Service charge 10%
If you enter after 18:00
Hours 9:00-24:00(last order 23:30)
Closed No holidays
Seating 30 seats
4 counter seats, 14 table seats, 4 private dining room seats, 8 terrace seats
Smoking All seats are non-smoking
Official website
Other information
  • English menus are available
  • No allergy-friendly, vegan, vegetarian or halal menus
  • Wheelchair-accessible
  • Take-out is available; delivery service is not available
  • Luggage storage is available
  • Wi-Fi is available
  • Posting of food photos and videos on SNS is allowed
  • Separate billing is allowed

※Menu contents, prices, store information, etc. are current as of November 2023.