Tokyo’s Best Hamburger Steaks! A Menu Guide to the Tastiest Japanese Beef Patties!

Hamburger steaks, sometimes also called hamburg steaks (and known as hambāgu in Japanese), have become one of Japan’s hottest dishes among international travelers.

Tokyo boasts so many restaurants offering these succulent patties made from ground meat and delicious seasonings, it can be hard to decide on one! This article will serve as guide on five of the best restaurants to enjoy Japanese hamburger steak in the Tokyo area.

100% Japanese beef hamburger steaks in Akihabara: Matsuya Seinikuten

“Steak and Japanese beef Matsuya Seinikuten” (hereunder referred to as “Matsuya Seinikuten”) is a specialty hamburger steak restaurant located in Akihabara. Their 100% domestically produced beef patties are packed with rich umami and a fatty sweetness that will have you coming back for more!

Hamburger Steak at Matsuya Seinikuten in Akihabara

Choose delicious sauces for your hamburger steak

The restaurant has an array of different sauces to pair with your sizzling hamburger steaks. These include ponzu citrus, onion sauce, garlic sauce, and an original demi-glace sauce made with sweet hatchō miso, offering a distinct Japanese taste.

The restaurant also offers a spicy hamburger steak curry option for those looking for some heat with their meat!

Hamburger Steak Curry at Matsuya Seinikuten in Akihabara

“肉屋のインディアンカレー(辛口),” Indian Curry (Hot) 1,180 JPY (tax included)

Whichever you choose, you’ll be glad you made the trip!

A5-ranked wagyu hamburger steaks on a budget in Shibuya: Wagyū no Kamisama

“Wagyū no Kamisama,” (which appropriately translates to “The God of Wagyu”) is a restaurant haven for all things wagyu, and that may be the key to why their hamburger steaks are so delicious!

The restaurant prides itself on the use of A5-grade MORITANAKA beef, which gives their hamburger steaks a premium and mouthwatering quality hard to find elsewhere!

Hamburger Steak at Wagyu no Kamisama in Shibuya

“ハンバーグ,” Hamburg 600 JPY apiece (tax included)

The hamburger steaks use purely MORITANAKA beef with no fillers. They’re flambéed with whiskey at your table, and then you get to taste a hamburger steak that’s on par with a high-end steakhouse meal.

Hamburger Steak at Wagyu no Kamisama in Shibuya

A5-grade wagyu hamburger steaks

At Wagyū no Kamisama, you can find out just what a delicacy Japanese hamburger steaks are.

Customizable sauce combinations galore in Shibuya: Hamburg & Hamburg

“Hamburger Steak Restaurant Hamburg & Hamburg” (hereafter referred to as “Hamburg & Hamburg”) has a colorful twist on Japanese hamburger steaks fitting of Shibuya’s chic food scene.

Customers can choose from two of ten sauces to create a mix-and-match meal of delicious flavor combinations!

Hamburg & Hamburg in Shibuya

“デミグラス,” Demi-Glace (Left); “チーズ,” Cheese (Right)

“Garlic Tomato”, “Cheese,” and “Tororo (grated mountain yam) Wasabi” are just a few colorful and tasty options to turn your premium Black Angus hamburger steak into a foodie hit on social media.

Hamburg & Hamburg in Shibuya

“めんたいクリーム&とろろわさびのハンバーグ(150g),” Hamburger Steak (Mentaiko Cream & Tororo Wasabi) 150 g (5.3 oz) 1,280 JPY (tax included)

Hamburg & Hamburg is the place to be in Tokyo for hamburger steaks like you’ve never had them before.

Deluxe hamburger steaks for big eaters in Roppongi: GRALIC

A steakhouse located in Roppongi, “GRALIC” knows a thing or two about beef, and their hearty “Gralic Hamburg Steak with Cheese” shows that. Topped with demi-glace sauce, as well as Parmesan and cheddar cheese, the 100% beef patty is bursting with flavor.

Hamburger Steak at Gralic in Roppongi

“グラリックチーズハンバーグ』(シングル),” Gralic Hamburg Steak with Cheese (Single) 2,060 JPY (tax included)

As impressively large as it already is, it can also be doubled and tripled in size for an additional price, making it a great choice for those with a big appetite.

Hamburger Steak at Wagyu no Gralic in Roppongi

100% beef hamburger steak patties

For a satisfying hamburger steak in Roppongi, you can’t go wrong with GRALIC!

Hamburger steak with a side of matcha sweets in Roppongi: SUZU CAFE

“SUZU CAFE-Roppongi-” is a spacious and relaxing cafe in Roppongi known for their delectable sweets, but they have hamburger steak that may steal the show for meat lovers.

The cafe’s “Homemade hamburger steak with rich demi-glace sauce” lives up to the “steak” part of its name. Beef fat is used in the patty to enhance its already thick and satisfying texture, and provides a full-bodied taste that really stands out.

Hamburger steak at SUZU CAFE-Roppongi-

“濃厚デミグラスソースの自家製ハンバーグステーキ,” Homemade hamburger steak with rich demi-glace sauce 1,375 JPY (tax included)

A generous coat of decadent demi-glace sauce ties the juicy dish together, pairing perfectly with the robust flavor of the beef. Be sure to enjoy it with the accompanying side of rice, which you can upgrade to a larger size free of charge.

Hamburger Steak at SUZU CAFE-Roppongi-

A delightful coat of demi-glace sauce

If you’re looking to treat yourself to a hamburger steak on the menu in Roppongi, SUZU CAFE-Roppongi- is a great start. Just try and leave room for dessert!

Hamburger steaks are a great way to enjoy Japanese meat cuisine, and the dish continues to evolve with a number of seasonings, sauces, and types of meat. Hopefully this sampling of Tokyo hamburger steak eateries has whet your appetite for these delicious patties.