Why a Solo Yakiniku Restaurant Is Tokyo’s Newest Hidden Gem for Wagyu Lovers

Photo of Yakiniku Yamawarau

“Yakiniku Yamawarau Omotesandou” (hereinafter referred to as “Yakiniku Yamawarau”) is a a restaurant in the Omotesandō area of Tokyo. There you can enjoy carefully selected wagyu as yakiniku, Japanese grilled meat cuisine.

You can really savor and appreciate why wagyu is loved around the world through lunch sets and creative dishes. The fact that you can grill it yourself makes the experience even better!

Photo of Yakiniku Yamawarau

“芽葱タン塩 レギュラーサイズ,” Spring Onion-flavored Beef Tongue with Salt regular size 3,080 JPY (tax included)

Top-notch wagyu in Tokyo! The melty richness will tingle your tastebuds!

Whether it’s Kobe beef or Matsusaka beef, high-quality wagyu boasts a melt-in-your-mouth tenderness.

If you really want to savor the sweet and flavorful fat unique to Japanese beef, the “Grilled Sukiyaki-style Sirloin” set offered at lunchtime at Yakiniku Yamawarau is a must-try.

Photo of Yakiniku Yamawarau

“焼きすきサーロイン(釜炊きご飯、キムチ、4種のナムル盛り合わせ、サラダ、スープ、アイス付き),” Grilled Sukiyaki-style Sirloin (served with white rice, kimchi, 4-types of assorted namul, salad, soup, and ice cream) 2,530 JPY (tax included)

To preserve the tender texture of wagyu, it’s recommended to grill it for just a few seconds.

Once you’ve grilled it to where a slight redness remains, you can enjoy the meat by dipping it in either the dashi broth or tare (sauce for pairing with yakiniku) that comes with the set.

Photo of Yakiniku Yamawarau

“タレ,” Tare sauce (left), “出汁,” Dashi broth (right)

The recommended choice from the Umami bites editorial team is the dashi, which is flavored by a base of vinegar, soy sauce and mirin and bonito flakes.

The mild acidity of the dashi doesn’t overpower the subtle sweetness of wagyu. Rather, it offers a refreshing aftertaste while still complementing the rich flavor of the beef.

Photo of Yakiniku Yamawarau

Yakiniku Yamawarau also offers a meal set that allows you to sample and compare different cuts of Japanese beef. The “4-Types of Kuroge Wagyu Sampler Platter” is a set that offers four different cuts Kuroge wagyu (a prized Japanese cattle breed also known as Japanese Black).

The four types are top-grade sirloin, kalbi (short rib), harami (skirt steak), and your choice of ichibo (a more tender type of rump meat with higher fat content) or rump.

Photo of Yakiniku Yamawarau

“和牛盛り合わせ(釜炊きご飯、キムチ、4種のナムル盛り合わせ、サラダ、スープ、アイス付き),” 4-Types of Kuroge Wagyu Sampler Platter (served with white rice, kimchi, 4-types of assorted namul, salad, soup, and ice cream) 4,180 JPY (tax included)

The finely marbled kalbi, with its exquisite marbling, offers a rich and flavorful taste. On the other hand, the harami, being leaner, allows you to fully take in the savory essence of the meat.

It’s recommended to vary your grilling method depending on the cut. For the fattier kalbi and top-grade sirloin, a quick sear is ideal, while the harami benefits from a thorough grilling to achieve a refreshing taste.

As each type of meat is served in portions of three, you can enjoy them with your preferred grilling style.

Photo of Yakiniku Yamawarau

Additionally, the lunchtime set is served with white rice, an assorted plate of four types of namul (seasoned Korean vegetable dishes), special kimchi, choregi salad (a salad of greens and sesame dressing inspired by Korean cuisine) and soup.

The unlimited refills of white rice, namul assortment, and soup are a real treat.

Diners can enjoy various ways of eating, such as creating a bibimbap-style dish by placing namul, kimchi, and grilled meat on top of the white rice.

Photo of Yakiniku Yamawarau

The white rice at Yakiniku Yamawarau is prepared using the meticulous method of kettle-cooking to enhance its sweetness, stickiness, and fragrance.

Because the rice is rapidly heated over an open flame, you can really appreciate the texture of each individual grain.

Be sure to not only savor the deliciousness of the meat, but the exquisite flavor of the restaurant’s white rice as well!

Photo of Yakiniku Yamawarau

Dinner time at Yakiniku Yamawarau is filled with a variety of creative yakiniku dishes

During dinner time, there’s a variety of options including individual meat items like Negi-Tan Shio (“Spring Onion-flavored Beef Tongue with Salt”) and “Kuroge Wagyu Thick-cut Harami,” as well as a selection of creative dishes.

One such dish is the “Wagyu Terrine,” which, true to its name, is terrine made with wagyu. You can enjoy it with the mustard served along with it if you like

Photo of Yakiniku Yamawarau

『和牛のテリーヌ』 Wagyu Terrine 1,210 JPY (tax included)

The restaurant’s “Wagyu Stone-Grilled Yukhoe” is a dish inspired by stone-grilled bibimbap.

The heat from the stone pot gives the yukhoe a crispy surface while the inside remains medium-rare.

Photo of Yakiniku Yamawarau

『和牛の石焼きユッケ』 Wagyu Stone-Grilled Yukhoe 1,760 JPY (tax included)

When you add the richness of the egg, the dish gains the perfect flavor to pair with alcohol.

Yakiniku Yamawarau offers a wide selection of alcoholic beverages, including natural wines, so feel free to enjoy them together with your meal.

Photo of Yakiniku Yamawarau

Yakiniku Yamawarau is a fun time whether you’re dining alone or in a group

The sophisticated and upscale interior of the restaurant features 20 counter seats, each equipped with a smokeless grill.

There are also table seats, allowing for a delightful dining experience for parties of two or more.

Photo of Yakiniku Yamawarau

Not only can you enjoy sharing high-quality dishes in a group at Yakiniku Yamawarau, but the restaurant also offers the distinct specialty of “solo yakiniku,” catering to those dining alone.

The menu includes half-size options, making it very easy for individual diners to savor a variety of dishes.

Whether you’re dining alone or with others, Yakiniku Yamawarau provides a versatile setting where you can appreciate the deliciousness of wagyu in many different ways.

Photo of Yakiniku Yamawarau


Store name やきにく 山笑ふ 表参道店
Yakiniku Yamawarau Omotesandou
Address 4-9-4 Jingumae 1F, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
Access Omote-Sando Station 3-minute walk from Exit A2
  • Tokyo Metro Ginza Line(G02)
  • Tokyo Metro Chiyoda Line(C04)
  • Tokyo-Metro Hanzomon Line(Z02)

Meiji-Jingumae〈Harajuku〉Station 9-minute walk from Exit 5
  • Tokyo Metro Chiyoda Line(C03)
  • Tokyo-Metro Fukutoshin Line(F15)

Harajuku Station 13-minute walk from East Exit
  • JR Yamanote Line(JY19)
Phone number 03-6721-1323
Reservations Accepted
Official website
  • Cash
  • Credit cards(American Express・Diners・JCB・Master・VISA)
  • Transportation-related electronic money(Suica, etc.)
  • Electronic money(iD・nanaco・QUICPay・Rakuten Edy・WAON)
  • QR code payment(Alipay・au PAY・d Payment・Merpay・PayPay・Rakuten Pay・WeChat Pay・Yucho Pay)
Hours Mon-Sat. 11:00~15:30(last order 15:00), 17:30-23:00(last order 22:00)
Sun. 11:00-15:30(last order 15:00), 17:30-22:00(last order 21:00)
Closed No fixed holidays
Unscheduled holidays
Seating 40 seats
20 counter seats, 20 table seats
Smoking All seats are non-smoking
Official website https://www.yamawarau-flavorworks.com/
Other information
  • Only menus with English and Japanese language are available (viewable by QR code)
  • No allergy-friendly, vegan, vegetarian, or halal menus
  • Wheelchair-accessible (a few steps at entrance)
  • Take-out and delivery service are available
  • Luggage storage space is available
  • Wi-Fi is not available
  • Posting of food photos and videos on customers’ personal SNS accounts is allowed
  • Separate billing is allowed

※Menu contents, prices, store information, etc. are current as of January 2024.