Gyoza! Ramen! Horse Sashimi! Dine on Amazing Kyushu Cuisine in Tokyo!

Ueno, with its plethora of eateries where you can enjoy alcoholic beverages even during the day, is bustling with people day and night.

The scene of strangers sitting shoulder to shoulder on outdoor seats and sharing drinks can be considered a symbolic sight of this neighborhood.

For an authentic experience of casually enjoying a meal with alcohol at a Japanese izakaya, Ueno is the perfect area in Tokyo to do so.

One such izakaya that caters to international visitors to Japan is “Kyūshū Nechūya Ueno LIVE (referred to hereafter as “Kyushu Nechuya”).”

photo of Kyūsyū Nechūya Ueno LIVE

When it comes to Kyushu-style gyoza, texture is everything

At Kyushu Nechuya you can savor specialty dishes from Kyushu, the southwesternmost of Japan’s main islands. Dishes commonly enjoyed in Kyushu, such as Fukuoka’s iron plate gyoza, Miyazaki’s chicken nanban (fried chicken with tartar sauce), and Kumamoto’s basashi (horse sashimi), are all on the menu.

Particularly, the “Hakata Iron Plate Gyoza,” where gyoza dumplings are grilled on a sizzling hot plate, is a must-try dish when visiting the restaurant.

Kyushu-style gyoza available at Kyushu Nechūya Ueno LIVE

“博多鉄板餃子(大10個),” Hakata Iron Plate Gyoza (large size, 10 pieces) 1,078 JPY (tax included)

The iron plate gyoza, a specialty dish from Fukuoka, is grilled with plenty of oil, resulting in an especially crispy texture on the surface of the dumplings.

To get an idea of how much oil is used, take a look! It might be fair to call this “frying” instead of “grilling.”

Kyushu-style gyoza available at Kyushu Nechūya Ueno LIVE

Once the gyoza develops a golden brown color, the excess oil is drained, and the gyoza is transferred to an oven for the final bake, completing the dish.

The meat filling has a smooth texture, allowing you to enjoy a contrast with the crispy dumpling skin.

Kyushu-style gyoza available at Kyushu Nechūya Ueno LIVE

When eating, it’s recommended to dip the gyoza in the accompanying sauce and also try it with “Yuzusco.” Yuzusco is a Kyushu-made bottled sauce that is a blend of yuzu (Japanese citrus), black pepper, and vinegar.

The refreshing aroma of Yuzusco and its slightly spicy kick complement the juicy gyoza superbly!

Kyushu-style gyoza available at Kyushu Nechūya Ueno LIVE

And when ordering the Hakata Iron Plate Gyoza, don’t forget to get a beer as well.

The carbonation from the beer refreshes the palate after the juicy gyoza, making the two an unbeatable combination!

Experience Japanese Izakaya Culture at kyushu Nechūya Ueno LIVE

Moreover, when you order these dumplings at Kyushu Nechuya, you can receive a delightful complimentary service.

After finishing half your gyoza, you can request that the staff turn it into “soup gyoza.” The staff will then pour soup over your gyoza, transforming the dish into a dumpling soup.

Kyushu-style gyoza available at Kyushu Nechūya Ueno LIVE

You can have the staff turn your grilled gyoza into soup gyoza free of charge

The soup has a rich flavor based on pork bone broth. Simmered with the gyoza, the umami from the meat filling infuses into the soup.

As the skin of the gyoza absorbs the soup, with each bite, the richness and umami spread in your mouth, providing a different flavor from the Hakata Iron Plate Gyoza.

Being able to enjoy two different tastes in one dish is a reason you should definitely order the Hakata Iron Plate Gyoza!

Kyushu-style gyoza available at Kyushu Nechūya Ueno LIVE

Try horse sashimi, a rarity outside Japan!

After enjoying Japanese gyoza, why not take on the challenge of trying horse sashimi, a rarity in countries outside Japan?

Although horse meat is consumed in some other countries, it is limited to very few regions.

In Japan, on the other hand, horse meat is commonly eaten, with Kumamoto Prefecture in the Kyushu region boasting the highest production and consumption in Japan.

Horse meat sashimi available at kyushu Nechūya Ueno LIVE

“特選馬刺し 2種盛り,” Premium Horse Sashimi Assortment (2 Types) 1,738 JPY (tax included)

Venturing into unfamiliar culinary traditions may require a bit of courage. However, if you try the horse sashimi served at Kyushu Nechuya, you are likely to become enamored with its taste.

The horse meat used at Kyushu Nechuya is sourced directly from a ranch that handles everything from raising the horses to meat processing, ensuring freshness.

The lean meat has no gamey taste, featuring a pleasantly firm yet tender texture.

Horse meat sashimi available at kyushu Nechūya Ueno LIVE

The lean meat of the Premium Horse Sashimi Assortment (2 Types)

The shoulder loin, which is fattier than the lean meat, benefits from an enhancement in flavor when eaten with condiments. Two types of condiments are provided: grated ginger and sliced garlic.

Ginger provides a refreshing aftertaste, while the garlic adds a nice punchy flavor.

Horse meat sashimi available at kyushu Nechūya Ueno LIVE

The shoulder loin of the Premium Horse Sashimi Assortment (2 Types)

The hearty chicken nanban is guaranteed to fill you up!

If you’re craving a satisfying meal, the “Miyazaki Chicken Nanban” is the way to go.

This dish features huge pieces of chicken thigh coated in batter and deep-fried, offering a substantial bite!

Chicken Nanban available at kyushu Nechūya Ueno LIVE. Deep-fried chicken with sweet vinegar sauce.

“宮崎チキン南蛮(5個),” Miyazaki Chicken Nanban (five pieces) 968 JPY (tax included)

Chicken Nanban is a regional dish from Miyazaki Prefecture. Its distinguishing features are the deep-fried chicken coated in a sweet vinegar sauce and topped off with tartar sauce.

Recipes for the two sauces can vary between households and restaurants. At Kyushu Nechuya, they use a blend of soy sauce and vinegar commonly used in sushi for the sweet vinegar sauce.

Chicken Nanban available at kyushu Nechūya Ueno LIVE. Deep-fried chicken with sweet vinegar sauce.

For the tartar sauce, they keep it simple with boiled eggs, finely chopped onions, and a touch of honey to not overpower the umami of the chicken and sweet vinegar sauce.

Chicken Nanban available at kyushu Nechūya Ueno LIVE. Deep-fried chicken with sweet vinegar sauce.

The thigh meat coated in batter has a moist and juicy texture, almost as if it’s been steamed, with the juices oozing out as you bite into it.

When eating, be prepared to open wide and take a big bite, even if the heat might test your tongue!

Wash it down with a beer right after, and the word “bliss” will surely come to mind.

Finish off your meal with some spicy ramen

At Japanese izakayas, the final dish you enjoy to polish off your meal and drinks is called the shime (pronounced she-meh). The word literally means “finish.”

One must-try shime dish at Kyushu Nechuya is the “Miyazaki Karamen,” (Miyazaki Spicy Noodles) featuring a spicy soup with a kick of chili pepper.

Like Chicken Nanban, it’s also known as a Miyazaki regional dish.

Spicy ramen available at kyushu Nechūya Ueno LIVE

“宮崎辛麺,” Miyazaki Karamen 913 JPY (tax included)

The spice of the soup’s chili pepper is made milder thanks to the addition of beaten eggs.

Minced pork as a topping adds richness to the soup, while the garlic chives contribute a refreshing flavor.

Spicy ramen available at kyushu Nechūya Ueno LIVE

In Miyazaki Prefecture, Miyazaki Karamen is often crafted with noodles made from konjac, a type of yam. However, at Kyushu Nechuya they use thick and chewy noodles known as champon instead.

While the Miyazaki Karamen may seem a bit hearty for a shime dish, once you start eating, you won’t be able to stop. The addictive loop of alternating between the spicy soup that tingles your throat and the chewy texture of the noodles will have you hooked in no time!

Spicy ramen available at kyushu Nechūya Ueno LIVE

A family-friendly restaurant with a vibrant atmosphere and menu

The Ueno branch of Kyushu Nechuya boasts a spacious interior with 156 seats.

Many visitors from overseas, including families, frequent the restaurant, and Kyushu Nechuya provides menu books in English.

Interior view of Kyushu Nechūya Ueno LIVE

Kyushu Nechuya’s interior

Orders are placed using a QR code system, where customers scan the code with their smartphones and navigate through the displayed menu pages.

Each menu item has a picture displayed, making it convenient for customers from overseas.

On weekends, the bustling atmosphere of Kyushu Nechuya draws in many customers. Pay a visit and get a hands-on experience of the lively culture of Japanese izakayas!


Store name 九州 熱中屋 上野 LIVE
Kyūshū Nechūya Ueno LIVE
Address Ueno HS Building B1F, 2-7-7 Ueno, Taito-ku, Tokyo
Access Keisei Ueno Station 3-minute walk from Keisei Ueno Station Main Exit
  • Keisei Line(KS01)
  • Hokusō Line
  • Keisei Narita Skyaccess

Ueno Station(UEN) 4-minute walk from Ueno Station Shinobazu Gate
  • JR Yamanote Line(JY05)
  • JR Ueno-Tokyo Line(JJ01・JU02)
  • JR Utsunomiya Line(JU02)
  • JR Keihin-Tōhoku Line(JK30)
  • JR Joban Line(JJ01)
  • JR Takasaki Line(JU02)
  • JR Narita Line
  • Tokyo Metro Ginza Line(G16)
  • Tokyo Metro Hibiya Line(H18)
  • Akita Shinkansen
  • Jōetsu Shinkansen
  • Tohoku Shinkansen
  • Hokuriku-Shinkansen
  • Hokkaido Shinkansen
  • Yamagata Shinkansen
Phone number 03-5812-0508
Reservations Accepted
Phone, official website, Tabelog, GURUNAVI, Hot Pepper Gourmet, Reserve with Google, PayPay Gourmet
  • Cash
  • Credit cards(American Express・Diners・Disocver・JCB・Master・UnionPay・VISA)
  • Transportation-related electronic money(Suica, etc.)
  • Electronic money(iD・Rakuten Edy)
  • QR code payment(au PAY・d Payment・PayPay・Rakuten Pay)
Hours Mon-Thurs. 16:00-23:30
Fri. & days preceding nat’l holidays 16:00-4:00
Sat. 12:00-4:00
Sun. & nat’l holidays 12:00-23:00
Closed No fixed holidays
Unscheduled holidays
Seating 156 seats
96 table seats, 54 tatami room seats, 6 counter seats
Smoking All seats are non-smoking
A smoking room is available
Official website
Other information
  • Menus and a mobile ordering system are available with Japanese and English only
  • Please ask staff about allergy-friendly, vegan, and vegetarian menus; halal menus are not available
  • Not wheelchair-accessible
  • Take-out service and delivery service are available
  • Luggage storage space is available
  • Wi-Fi is available
  • Posting of food photos and videos on customers’ personal SNS accounts is allowed
  • Separate billing is not allowed

※Menu contents, prices, store information, etc. are current as of March 2024