Dine on Tempura in Delicious Ways You Never Knew Before at Tenkichiya Shinjuku

Tenkichiya Shinjuku (referred to as “Tenkichiya” below) is a specialty tempura rice bowl restaurant that draws large crowds daily with its signature dish, the “Ten KICHI bowl.”

One of the reasons why the Ten KICHI bowl continues to captivate so many people is its outstanding visual impact.

“天吉丼,” Ten KICHI bowl 1,650 JPY (tax included)

Tenkichiya’s loaded tempura rice bowl is an absolute steal!

The Ten KICHI bowl is packed with tempura mainstays such as eggplant, squid, and shrimp, which are essential for a tempura rice bowl. In addition to these, it also features half-cooked eggs and white fish tempura, providing a variety of delicious ingredients.

You’ll be pleasantly surprised by the volume and luxury you get for the price.

The Ten KICHI bowl is known for its grand appearance, and many people who order it can’t resist taking photos.

Among the various tempura toppings, the ikadaage which involves frying four shrimp together in pairs, is said to be a particularly popular ingredient. In Japanese, “ikada” means “raft,” so you’re treating yourself to a raft of four shrimp!

Frying all four shrimp together gives them a substantial weight that you can feel when holding them with chopsticks, making it a satisfying and delightful experience to dig into.

Right up there with the ikadaage, the half-cooked egg tempura is another beloved item included in the dish. When split open with chopsticks, the beautifully runny yolk emerges.

When you mix this runny yolk with the rice soaked in tempura sauce, it creates a heavenly flavor that spreads throughout your mouth, providing a truly delightful taste experience.

The half-cooked egg is the most popular tempura after the shrimp, and can be ordered à la carte

From a set meal to rice soup, the “Ten-mabushi” lets you savor tempura in three delicious ways!

Just as popular as the Ten KICHI bowl is the “Ten-mabushi,” a meal that allows you to enjoy tempura in three different ways.

The rice is served in an ohitsu (a traditional wooden rice container), so you can fill your bowl with your preferred amount. You can order as much rice as you like.

Tenkichiya is known for taking great care in the way they cook their rice to ensure it turns out with a fluffy texture.

“天まぶし,” Ten-mabushi 1,900 JPY (tax included)

Now, let’s introduce the three different ways to enjoy Ten-mabushi.

First, try savoring the tempura on its own. The store’s precise frying technique brings out the contrast in texture between the crispy batter and the ingredients inside.

For instance, the inside of the shrimp tempura maintains its firm and springy texture, while the batter is wonderfully crispy. Each individual tempura ingredient is of high quality, allowing you to appreciate the skill of seasoned chefs.

When it comes to enjoying tempura on its own, the shrimp is highly recommended

Next, you can enjoy the Ten-mabushi set in the tempura rice bowl style. Scoop some white rice from the ohitsu into a bowl, place your preferred tempura on top, and drizzle sauce over it.

Tenkichiya’s sauce offers a refreshing, not overly sweet flavor that pairs excellently with the tempura.

Have fun drizzling on sauce to your liking

Lastly, you can enjoy your Ten-mabushi by turning it into an ochazuke rice soup. Simply pour dashi (provided in the set meal) over a bowl of rice topped with tempura. You can ask the staff for more dashi, if you’d like.

A recommended choice for ochazuke is the kakiage (mixed vegetable and seafood tempura). The dashi, infused with the flavor of bonito, has a gentle and pleasing taste, making it a delicious option to even savor on its own.

Pour some dashi to enjoy tempura ochazuke at the end of your meal

Furthermore, when the kakiage soaks up the dashi, its batter becomes tender, and releases its umami flavor the more you chew it.

By enjoying it first as a hearty tempura rice bowl and then transforming it into a refreshing ochazuke, the Ten-mabushi provides a sense of satisfaction akin to indulging in a multi-course meal.


I liked eating it as ochazuke the most as a whole new way to enjoy tempura. The kakiage was crispy, and the dashi had a soothing flavor. Sipping the dashi infused with the flavor of the tempura at the end of the meal was especially enjoyable.

For those who want to enjoy the versatility of tempura, whether it be as a tempura rice bowl, ochazuke, or simply on its own, Ten-mabushi is the perfect choice. It really goes to show that even a single piece of tempura can have a different charm to it depending on how you eat it.

Tenkichiya is so popular that lines form before opening

Tenkichiya is a popular restaurant that often has a line forming before it opens at 11:00 AM.

Due to its location in Shinjuku and the many international tourists in the area, the menu is available not only in Japanese but also in English, Korean, and Chinese to cater to a diverse clientele.

English, Korean, and Chinese menus are available

The restaurant offers a family-friendly atmosphere with table seating as well as counter seating, making it suitable for solo diners to larger groups, accommodating a wide range of customers.

Tenkichiya also has a selection of Japanese sake, which pairs well with tempura and adds to the overall dining experience.

Table seating is also available for large groups

If you’re looking to enjoy top-quality tempura at a reasonable price, a visit to Tenkichiya is definitely a must.


Store name 天吉屋 新宿店
Tenkichiya Shinjuku
Address Shinjuku Nomura Building B2F, 1-26-2 Nishi-Shinjuku, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo
Access Nishi-Shinjuku Station A short walk from Nishi-Shinjuku Station Exit E7
  • Tokyo Metro Marunouchi Line(M07)

Shinjuku Station(SJK) 7-minute walk from Shinjuku Station West Exit
  • JR Yamanote Line(JY17)
  • JR Saikyō Line(JA11)
  • JR Shōnan Shinjuku Line(JS20)
  • JR Chūō Line Rapid(JC05)
  • JR Chūō Sōbu Line(JB10)
  • Keiō Line(KO01)
  • Keiō New Line(KO01)
  • Odakyū Line(OH01)
  • Tokyo Metro Marunouchi Line(M08)
  • Toei Shinjuku Line(S01)
  • Toei Ōedo Line(E27)
Phone number 03-6302-0779
Reservations Accepted
  • Cash
  • Credit cards(American Express・Diners・JCB・Master・VISA)
  • Transportation-related electronic money(Suica, etc.)
  • Electronic money(iD・nanaco・QUICPay・Rakuten Edy・WAON)
  • QR code payment(Alipay・au PAY・d Payment・LINE Pay・Merpay・PayPay・Rakuten Pay・WeChat Pay・Yucho Pay)
Service charge/Table charge None
Hours 11:00-14:30(last order 14:00)、17:30-21:00(last order 20:30)
Closed Sunday
Also includes Nomura Building holidays
Seating 28 seats
6 counter seats, 22 table seats
Smoking All seats are non-smoking
Official website http://www.tenkichiya.com/
Other information
  • Menus are available with English, Korean, and Chinese language
  • No allergy-friendly, vegan, vegetarian, or halal menus
  • Wheelchair-accessible
  • Take-out and delivery services are available
  • Luggage storage space is available
  • Wi-Fi is not available
  • Posting of food photos and videos on SNS is allowed
  • Separate billing is allowed

※Menu contents, prices, store information, etc. are current as of October 2023.