Shinjuku’s Paradise for Jumbo Fried Food and the “World’s Best Fried Oysters”: Wabu!

Established in 1972, “Sekai-ichi no Kaki fry to Sakana Wabu,” (referred to hereafter as “Wabu”) a popular restaurant in Shinjuku, is famous for its generous servings of kaki fry (deep-fried oysters) and other fried dishes. It’s known for having long lines during lunchtime, attracting many visitors every day.

A super-sized portion! The “Fried Assortment Set Meal” at Wabu.

Wabu offers a variety of set meals featuring fried dishes as sides.

Among them, the “Assorted Fried Set Meal” features a generous platter with five types of fried items: horse mackerel, squid, shrimp, oysters, and chicken, making it a surefire way to satisfy your hunger.


“フライ全種盛定食,” Assorted Fried Set Meal 2,380 JPY (tax included)

The special tartar sauce at Wabu, which comes with every set meal, is available for all-you-can-eat.

Their tartar sauce is made with plenty of boiled eggs and onions, resulting in a flavor in which sweetness takes precedence over acidity.


Tartar sauce, white rice, pickles, miso soup, and cabbage are all available for free refills

The tartar sauce with its coarsely chopped ingredients, combined with the crispy texture of the fried items, offers an excellent and satisfying bite.

They also offer the classic Chuno sauce, a medium thick sauce similar to Worcestershire sauce, and both go perfectly with the fried dishes!


With five different fried items on one plate, you can enjoy them to the fullest with both tartar sauce and Chuno sauce as your condiments.

Wabu offers lunch sets that you can customize to your liking

At Wabu not only do you get to enjoy generous portions, but there’s also a wide variety of items on the menu. You can even customize your main dish to suit your preferences.


You can order individual side dishes, but combining them allows you to enjoy more for your money, and, of course, it increases the volume!

On the menu, there are columns on the left and at the top, listing the different side dishes, and you can pick your preferred combinations from there.

Umami bites editor Steven particularly enjoyed the Assorted Fried Set Meal and chose the “Fried Horse Mackerel” and “Fried Squid.”


“イカフライ,””アジフライ,”の組み合わせ定食, Fried Horse Mackerel and Fried Squid combination set meal 1,480 JPY (tax included)

He particularly recommends the Fried Squid for those visiting from overseas.


The Fried Squid is quite the large serving of squid, allowing you to really enjoy the flavor of the squid. It’s recommended to place it on top of the rice and eat it like a rice bowl dish.
The Fried Horse Mackerel pairs really well with the restaurant’s delicious tartar sauce, but it can also be enjoyed on its own!


Although it’s a limited-time offer, the “World’s Best Fried Oyster” is hugely popular

Part of the Japanese in the full store name (“Sekai-ichi no Kaki fry”) translates to “World’s Best Fried Oyster,” which is also the name of one of its signature offerings, a seasonal set meal available from around October to the following June. Despite being offered for a limited time, it is extremely popular.

At Wabu, they are committed to making fried oysters with only fresh oysters. Every morning, the owner himself purchases them from the Toyosu Fish Market, the largest fish market in the Tokyo area.


“世界一のカキフライ定食,” World’s Best Fried Oyster set meal 2,380 JPY (tax included)

The fried oysters made with fresh oysters have a distinct chewy texture that you won’t find in frozen oysters.

The restaurant stacks several oysters together when frying them, allowing the umami of the oysters to spread in your mouth as you bite into them.


Why is it named the World’s Best Fried Oyster? According to the owner, it’s because Wabu prides itself on being the world’s number one in procuring fresh oysters.

The need for such a large quantity of oysters is a testament to the fact that many customers visit Wabu daily to enjoy this popular dish.


While fried dishes are not uncommon around the world, the array of fried items available at Wabu offers a unique and exceptional taste.

The delicious flavors, combined with the comfortable and homely atmosphere inside the restaurant, make it a popular destination.

Be sure to experience the charm of Wabu, which has been loved in Shinjuku for many years, by visiting and trying it for yourself!


Wabu’s exterior


Store name 世界一のカキフライと肴 わぶ
Sekai-ichi no Kaki fry to Sakana Wabu
Address 2-19-12 Yoyogi, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
Access Shinjuku Station(SJK) 1-minute walk from Shinjuku Station Exit 6
  • JR Yamanote Line(JY17)
  • JR Saikyō Line(JA11)
  • JR Shōnan Shinjuku Line(JS20)
  • JR Chūō Line Rapid(JC05)
  • JR Chūō Sōbu Line(JB10)
  • Keiō Line(KO01)
  • Keiō New Line(KO01)
  • Odakyū Line(OH01)
  • Tokyo Metro Marunouchi Line(M08)
  • Toei Shinjuku Line(S01)
  • Toei Ōedo Line(E27)

Minami-Shinjuku Station 6-minute walk from Minami-Shinjuku Station
  • Odakyū Line(OH02)
Phone number 03-3379-2486
Reservations Accepted
Phone, official website, Tabelog
only for dinnertime
  • Cash
    lunchtime is cash only
  • Credit cards(American Express・JCB)
  • Transportation-related electronic money not accepted
  • Electronic money not accepted
  • QR code payment not accepted
Service charge/Table charge Service charge 330 JPY (tax included)
only at dinnertime
Hours 11:00-14:00, 18:00-22:30(last order 22:00)
Closed Sat. & nat’l holidays
Lunch is not served on Wednesdays
Seating 32 seats
8 counter seats, 16 table seats, 8 tatami room seats
Smoking Lunchtime is non-smoking; smoking is permitted at dinnertime
Official website
Other information
  • Only Japanese menus are available
  • Please ask staff about allergy-friendly menus; no vegan, vegetarian, or halal menus
  • Wheelchair-accessible(assistance from the staff is available)
  • Take-out service is available; delivery service is not available
  • Luggage storage space is available
  • Wi-Fi is available
  • Posting of food photos and videos on SNS is allowed
  • Separate billing is allowed only at lunchtime; separate billing is not allowed at dinnertime

※Menu contents, prices, store information, etc. are current as of October 2023.